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Watertite roof replacement

Knowing When to Replace Your Roof

As has been said in countless articles about roofing, your roof is arguably the most important part of your home. It has one of the most complex structures in the house, keeps out the elements and regulates your house’s internal temperature. Even with this knowledge, we are sometimes indifferent as to when we should replace our roof, or if we should replace, repair or just patch it.


There are many things you need to consider when you are thinking about replacing your roof. Here are some indicators that a replacement is just about the only thing that you can do to protect your roof, and the safety and comfort of the people living in your house.


It has been almost 25 years since the roof was constructed


The great thing about roofs is that they can be replaced without major overhauls inside the house. Since roofs don’t last forever, inspecting as the roof approaches its 25th birthday is crucial to the continued integrity of your house’s first line of defense. Roofing materials may not show outward signs of damage or decay but inspecting the roof may reveal an understructure whose stability is severely weakened. Your decision will be greatly influenced by the result of the inspection but should be made with safety first and foremost in mind.


Damaged shingles or tiles


Curled or cracked shingles and tiles may tell you that it’s finally time to part with your old roof and welcome a new one. Damaged roofing materials will not be able to effectively keep precipitation out and this will inevitably cause leaking, which can lead to more problems if left unchecked. Depending on the extent of the damage, it can indicate that a roof replacement is warranted within 2-5 years.


Missing shingles or tiles


This isn’t usually a big problem since you can just patch up the missing shingles or tiles with new ones. What complicates things is that you usually can’t find the roofing material that matches the exact color of your roof in singles. You can do a patch job with different-colored tiles but when it starts to look like a patchwork quilt, then it’s time to get a new roof.


The roof is covered with unwanted algae and fungi


If part of the roof is covered with moss or algae, it is a sign that there is moisture pooling in that section. These organisms attract more moisture into the area and you will be able to notice before long that the area has grown larger. It is the presence of moisture that is the problem more than the presence of the organisms themselves since excess moisture will make your roof decay faster than it should. Depending on the extent of the underlying damage, you should decide if you should just repair or replace your roof.


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