About Us

Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 WAs the constructive voice of business in the Rio+20 Process.

What We Did

Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 was a coalition of leading international business groups who are committed to sustainable development with the overall objective to enhance the Rio+20 contribution to sustainable and inclusive markets.

The Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 (BASD 2012) encouraged businesses of all sizes to embrace voluntary sustainability principles such as, for example, those embodied in the UN Global Compact.


BASD 2012 represented the constructive business voice in the United Nations Rio+20 process by:

  • Coordinating the business input to the formal Rio+20 process;
  • Representing business and industry sectors at the UNDESA/DSD Major Groups Program, which is aimed at enhancing Major Group participation in the UNCSD process;
  • Demonstrating (1) progress made since the original conference in Rio and (2) that business is committed to providing the market-based solutions and practices that are essential for the creation of a sustainable world;
  • Organizing the BASD Business Day and related side events during the Conference for business to deliver key messages to the participants and to showcase business’ progress since Rio 1992;
  • Coordinating with other organizations present in Rio during the Conference period


Business Action for Sustainable Development 2012 (BASD 2012) was the official United Nations Major Group coordinator of Business and Industry for the Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) held in Rio de Janeiro on 20-22 June 2012.  BASD 2012 was convened by three leading international business groups as a temporary coalition of business organizations committed to sustainable development.

Why We Did It

The Conveners and Partners, and their member companies, have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable development in word and action since Rio 1992. We remain firmly committed to a sustainable, green economy, supported by sustainable and inclusive markets, and we will continue working with all stakeholders to meet this goal.

In Rio in 2012, we:

  • Recognized the progress made toward sustainable development in the past 20 years;
  • Recognized the need to accelerate our efforts in order to achieve sustainability;
  • Enhanced the conference contribution to sustainable and inclusive markets.

The Coalition

BASD 2012 was a comprehensive network of business organizations that came together under one banner in the interests of sustainable development.

The BASD was convened by:

A wide range of international industry associates also joined the coalition as Partners, representing a broad cross-section of industries and geographies. The addition of these highly-regarded partners ensured that the constructive voice of business was heard in the preparatory process, at the conference itself, and during follow-up events.